Hazelwood Paper Co.

Flat Lay Styling for Events

You've put so much thought into your wedding — from the cake flavors, to what kind of florals are in your arrangements, from the jewelry you wear to the vintage stamps on your envelopes — so don't neglect these details when it comes to having them documented. We offer styling services for photographing such as your attire, stationery, food or drinks, welcome bag and more within the Dallas and Fort Worth metropolitan area in Texas. Interested? Inquire at hello@hazelwoodpaperco.com

Her Details

From the adornment in her hair to the shoes on her feet... all the little pieces that she carefully crafts to be a part of her personal attire are important to her. Her jewelry, rings, perfume family heirlooms — and maybe even something blue — should be documented with care. We love composing these pieces so that they can be remembered.

His Details

From his bow tie to his socks, from his cufflinks to his watch — these pieces are important to him on his wedding day. His wedding band, his favorite cologne, his handkerchief — all these pieces are special to him on this special day. Crafting a composition that highlights these details brings us joy!

Invitation Suite

The invitation suite is the first glimpse your guests have into your big day. Presenting the suite in a way that is memorable, yet cohesive with the overall aesthetic of the event is our goal. We help make sure all the little details your poured your heart into — the perfect color envelope, a custom liner, a delicate ribbon and wax seal — are all documented and remembered. 

Food & Drink

You can't forget the delicious appetizers, savory main course or sweet treats. We can help stylize these pieces as well for photographing on the big day. 

Welcome Baskets & Gifts

You took the time to make sure your guest feel special. Crafted a warm welcome with sweet treats, some bubbly, a snack and other fun pieces. We love presenting these thoughtful gifts for your family and friends in a way that you can remember forever.

Coordinating Stationery — Save the Dates, Vow Books, Programs and More

Don't forget your other paper pieces — vow books, menus, save the dates and more — all deserve some love an attention and to be remembered for all the thought you put into them. We love crafting compositions to show these pieces off too!